Imagine being the Creator and wanting to create a vast physical expanse within which you would actualize a great plan. How would you start? Without doubt, you would want to first of all conceive a basic building block that could combine in multitudes of ways and create a multitude of substances that could be used to form endless realities and endless life forms. These building blocks would obey the same laws “everywhere” in your universe and would be “continually” energized. They would be flexible, dynamic, and very powerful. You would then conceive of a name for this entity that would capture the essence of its stunning properties, and on to work.

     The Great Creator of this vast universe did just that. He had a great plan that would evolve within a gigantic universe. He then conceived a basic building block that would have been flexible, dynamic, and very powerful. This minute entity would obey His will everywhere and at all times. We call this building block, “The Atom.” He may refer to it by a much more all-encompassing name.

     The atom is astoundingly flexible and dynamic. Nature combines it continually to create  physical entities without seeming end.  Chemists combine it  in a multitude of ways to conceive new and ever-more stunning and durable materials.

     The atom is powerful. The energy it stores is enormous. Witness the power that emanates from one single atomic bomb alone.  

     Everything is made of this magnificent building block. Every wonder that surrounds us is composed of endless atoms that "quietly" and "efficiently" do their pre-assigned duty, as the Great Creator ordained.

     Any wonder that the Apostle Paul wrote for all generations that God can be seen within His creation, and that humans who do not believe in God are without excuse. Not seeing God's power and greatness within the atom indicates, in the view of this author, a high level of psychological "resistance" framed by conscious or unconscious factors that motivate an astounding level of irrationality.

     Whether the motivating factors are conscious or unconscious, the process began somewhere back at the conscious level and was fed by motives that were driven by a need to dispose of the Being the atheist resents, or wants to punish. Whatever the dynamics, the individual who represses the reality of a Creator is "without excuse."