Atheists have a strong aversion to the notion of eternal punishment in Hell. By reading atheist literature and web sites, this author has concluded that there are three major reasons for their aversion. All three are based, though, on an assumption that has no biblical foundation.

Atheists frequently attack the well established Christian belief in an eternal Hell fire. There are three major reasons for their unrelenting attacks. A significant number reject Hell as a consequence to not believing in God's existence. They do not believe that the evidence provided by philosophy and by Science is sufficient to prove that God exists and consequently they deny that Heaven and Hell are a possibility. Another group rejects the reality of Hell so as to neutralize their own fear of Hell. Lastly, another group simply cannot accept that a God of love would ever create such a place.

The first group wants tangible, scientific evidence that God exists. To them all that has been provided by science which has convinced former atheist leader, Anthony Flew, is not enough. If God's existence has not been proven, neither has Heaven and Hell.

The second group sometime in their life embraced a life style that was “sinful” by Judeo-Christian standards. Because Hell would have been the consequence to their actions, they had a choice: repent or burn in Hell forever. Many chose not to mend their ways and, thus, they rejected God’s existence, so as to neutralize that fear. This is simply “denial,” as is well understood in psychology.

The third group is very sensitive and kind hearted and simply cannot accept the notion that a loving God would ever conceive of such a punishment for his children – rebellious or otherwise. Eternal suffering, they insist,  cannot equate with the notion of a God of love. The Bible God, therefore, is sadistic and cannot exist. Such a God, they say, is simply not possible.

This author would like to assure the reader that the Bible does not teach that God punishes the wicked in an "eternal" Hell fire, but that it does teach “eternal annihilation” of the incorrigibly wicked.  God has instituted laws that do demand payment, if transgressed, -- whether we  like it or not.  But there is good news for all: The God of the Bible wants all to be saved; thus the sacrifice of Christ who died “for the sins of the world.”

To learn more about this topic and how the world has been deceived into believing a notion that has no biblical basis and to learn about the true consequences of sin, I would like to suggest the literature below offered for free and "without follow up" by UCG.ORG.

The information found therein is both enlightening and transforming.

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