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In ? Dr. ? a professor from     U. replicated a survey done in      in which he asked the following questions:

His conclusions were that:

Atheists have tried to use the results to bolster their views. They are in particular gleeful at the revelation  that the members of the Academy of sciences are mostly non-believing. But is this conclusion justified?

Please note that the survey asked scientists if they believed in a God essentially in the Judeo-Christian tradition, but it did not ask if they believed simply in a Creative Force that created and sustains the universe. This is a critical question to ask, as it may be quite possible that most might believe in a Creative Force that is not involved  in human affairs, as Einstein and others admitted to. The survey, unfortunately, did not explore this possibility, thus, leaving a most critical dimension untouched.

It is significant, nonetheless, that around 40% of American scientists do not believe in the Judeo-Christian God. The reasons may not be hard to uncover. The American and Western education systems have for decades taught an anti-Christian message saturated with a materialist bias. Some university professors ridicule the Bible as a work filled with myths, fictional accounts of miracles and outright lies. They also  dismiss religious believers as ignorant, bigoted, and stupid. Atheistic Philosophy professors distort the views of impressionable and unsophisticated students and turn many into new disciples every year.

Most significant is the power of Science departments that demand allegiance to ingrained core "beliefs," such as evolution, that have become the heart and core of scientific orthodoxy. Brainwashing into materialistic thinking is continual, persistent and unrelenting. Publicly deviating from orthodoxy means opening oneself to ridicule and ostracism.

Materialists in position of influence in institutions of higher learning, whether because of malicious intent or plain ignorance, fail to inform their students that the greatest minds that have shaped our world believed in God and that most were practicing Christians (Click here for documented evidence) They also fail to inform them of the fact that some modern Nobel Prize winning scientists were/are firm believers in God and that several were/are practicing Christians.  (Click here for documented evidence).

Most of all, Science departments fail to remind their students that Science rests upon the shoulders of giants, like Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Kepler, Eistein, Pasteur (The man who conceived quantum mechanics) and that these giants were brilliant enough and humble enough to not only accept the existence of God but to also submit to Him with reverence and humility. The scientists who have deviated from the path of their founding fathers have rejected the Author of all the laws of science and all the great wonders that they behold every single day. Staring with wonderment at the artist's work, as they do, and not acknowledging the artist  is incomprehensible and shameful.