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From Agitated, Murky Waters  to Fresh, Still Waters

(Written for the UCG Elders' Forum, December 26, 2010)

I have spent some time traveling through the murky waters of the Internet and the many postings and “Open Letters” that disaffected people have been posting for quite some time. What I found was most perturbing and, unfortunately, most revealing.

I have found rationalizations for clear acts of rebellion to established authority, instead of a humble spirit of repentance.

I have found accusations, innuendos, exaggerations and demands.

I have found an agitated spirit which showed no inner peace and no true longing for peace with others.

I found no faith in Christ, as a capable leader of His church, who is able bring about any necessary changes.

I have found no self-control and no patient waiting so that the established system, directed by Christ, would self-correct, if that is the necessity.

In short I looked for signs of the Fruits of God’s Spirit and instead I found indications that the Works of the Flesh were at work.

Then I read a Post by a special man of God: Fred Kellers. In it I saw a man filled with Agape love for his congregation and who was most preoccupied not with implementing his own agenda but by keeping God’s flock “by the still waters.”

His words are of such a high spiritual caliber that they need repeating:

“I've not always agreed with the council but I have always agreed that we have chosen to ask Jesus to guide us as a group, either through the General Conference of Elders for some items and through the Council of Elders for other things.  If I don't agree with the council, I have ethical ways to show my disagreement.  I can also fast and trust Jesus Christ to be the head of his body.  What I don't have the option of doing is causing division and upset.  My job is to help lead His sheep beside the still waters.” 


This is the type of attitude that I believe will keep most of God’s ministers from being infected by a rebellious spirit which invariably leads to what Christ hates to see in His Body: divisions.

I applaud Fred Kellers and the large number of ministers who feel exactly like him. Rest assured that Jesus Christ is looking down favorably at your attitudes and that He longs to tell you someday how much He appreciated your trust in Him, your abundant love for His people and your commitment to keep His precious flock “by the still waters.”

It is an honor to be your fellow minister.

Michael Caputo


(This article has been posted on my, Militant Atheism Exposed web site. I have done so, not because I am implying any affinity of the disaffected group to atheism, but because it will provide a faster appearance on the Internet.)

© Copyright,  Michael Caputo, 2010