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I joined UCG about 15 years ago, after concluding that I could no longer be a minister in my previous affiliation, given several significant doctrinal differences. Since then, my years in the United Church of God have been years of peace and serenity until recently, when some former UCG leaders helped create a traumatic split in the United Church of God, an International Association.

These former leaders have alleged unethical behaviour on the part of the present COE which some of us do not find at all convincing. Nonetheless, even if part, “or all” of the accusations were to be true, these former leaders have failed to allow the “self-correcting,” system, under Christ's guidance and direction, do its job of bringing about in the not-so-distant future a new COE -- "if" such were the necessity.

Most of all, in helping to orchestrate a division, I believe that these former leaders have made some very serious mistakes. Two of their greatest mistakes, in my view, are the following:

1. They have shown disrespect for God-appointed authorities.

2. They have created confusion, strife, division and a great deal of pain for God's people, in spite of the many biblical warnings against divisions found in the Scriptures.

The present split has been another great trauma for God’s people. Many are shocked that leading ministers would actually contribute to such a division. Many are in great pain in seeing, once again, their families torn apart and in seeing their beloved friends leave their congregations.

Just recently, I have received an email from a spiritual sister in her sixties. In the email she recounts some of her trials and afflictions, including her battle with a life-threatening disease. Though her suffering over the years has been great, the present split, she told me, has been “by far the most painful!!.”

These are the kind of fruits that the present split has produced; the fruits of confusion, anxiety and anguish for people who, instead, need and crave comfort and peace.

This small web site is my gift to such people. It is strictly "my" venture, uninfluenced by anyone. "No one" has ordered me, or asked me, or cajoled me into creating it. This is "solely" the result of "my" conviction that our people need to hear another perspective and that there are ample reasons to question the motives of the leaders of the divisive group and to condemn a split that, in my view, was “unnecessary” and, most of all, “unbiblical.”

Being a non-salaried elder, the reader can rest assured that I am not trying to defend and protect my source of livelihood. I have no plan “whatsoever” to be a salaried elder (I left the full-time ministry many years ago, because of health and family reasons ); I am not a member of any Board nor am I planning to be one. I am simply a minister who, like “many” others,  is deeply concerned about the harm that is being done to God’s people and who is trying to stand for clearly established biblical principles.

Thus I take "full responsibility" for the fruits of this labour. I place it in God’s hands to reassure, to establish and to strengthen His faithful people. If any harm will come from it, I am "fully" to blame -- and no one else.


Michael Caputo (Non-salaried UCG member)

P.S. I want to extend my gratitude to all the other fellow contributors that this site links to. Their valuable perspectives are very much valued and appreciated.


(This article has been posted on my, Militant Atheism Exposed web site. I have done so, not because I am implying any affinity of the disaffected group to atheism, but because it will provide a faster appearance on the Internet.)

© Copyright,  Michael Caputo, 2011


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