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(Written for the UCG Elders' Forum, November 29, 2010)

Dear fellow elders,

Months ago, we were asked to fast for unity. The focus, we were told, should have been “self” analysis and how we could be contributing to the present period of distress and division. The rumblings I continue to hear seem to indicate that the distress is not over and neither is the potential for another schism in the Body of Christ.

Given this unfortunate situation, one must ask why is the wound not healing?

A few years ago, I decided to give a series of sermons on a very gloomy subject: the works of the flesh. The long-term project was tiring but very enlightening – and sobering. Delving into the works of the flesh in detail is like doing an in-depth psychological analysis of the mind of Satan.

One of the harsh realities that became evident in the study was how many of the works of the flesh deal with “divisions,” though looked at from “slightly” different angles.

Variance, Emulation, Strife, Seditions, heresies are all manifestations of the same satanic spirit which leads to the same painful and destructive results: confusion, friction and schisms. Furthermore, divisions may also find its roots in two other “insidious” works of the flesh, “envy” and “hatred” (or its milder manifestation, “resentment”).

Another exceptionally sobering/scary reality that emerged from the study was the warning in Paul’s concluding statement: “I tell you, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

We all want to believe that the times of distress we are going through are caused only by sincere misunderstandings and a desire on the part of some to keep the church “clean” and “righteous.” Though in part this may indeed be part of the motivations of some, “all” the direct participants in the present drama must accept the “possibility” that “some” of “their” motives may not be as clean and innocent as they would like to believe and that the works of the flesh, to a small or large extent, “might” be at work in them as well.

Fellow elders of Jesus Christ, our people are tired from the battles of the past and do not need more stress from within. Enough Christians have left the fold already, tired of seeing ministers who should be the ultimate example of love and unity embrace causes that lead to confusion, turmoil and division. In the past some, in fact, have become so disappointed and embittered that they have left God and Christianity and have become atheists, which is what Satan wants to see happen to as many of God’s people as possible.

Maybe this is why we are all warned by Christ Himself not to offend “the little ones” and the dire consequences that follow, if we do. Maybe this is why Paul warns all of us that they who cause division run the risk of not entering God’s Kingdom. God cannot look lightly at actions that lead to confusion, strife and divisions which cause distress for His children and potential discouragement which can potentially destroy their eternity.

Months ago, we were asked to do an in-depth analysis of our own minds. The fruits appear to indicate that some among us may have done a very superficial job. The warnings by Christ and Paul should lead all of us to take a “deeper” look and to consider the possibility that “we” might, to a small or large extent, be contributors to the present problems within the Body of Christ.

I hope I have not offended anyone. I am just very concerned, though I am still hopeful that a potential destructive schism will not happen and that Satan, in the end, will be the only loser in this whole ordeal.

Your brother in Christ,

Michael Caputo


(This article has been posted on my, Militant Atheism Exposed web site. I have done so, not because I am implying any affinity of the disaffected group to atheism, but because it will provide a faster appearance on the Internet.)

© Copyright,  Michael Caputo, 2010