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Some Christians believe that atheism is a form of Satanism. That belief is partially right and partially wrong. Atheism is not Satanism as it is generally understood and practiced, but it is Satanism by biblical standards.

The most fundamental characteristic of satanic movements is their allegiance to Satan and rebellion against the God of the Bible. Such groups vary in their beliefs from being violent to being somewhat eccentric and just plain comical. Atheism is a philosophy which does not have any allegiance to Satan, since obviously they do not believe that he exists, but they do reject the God of the Bible and His standards and they do preach the elevation of self as the ultimate source of ethical standards and a philosophy which has led many to immoral and self-destructive lives.

In short, they do consciously embrace a god -- and it is "the self". Unfortunately many of them do not simply reject Christianity and proceed to mind their own business; they invest their energy in indoctrinating others into their viewpoints. Some, in fact, become evangelical in their fervor and aggressive in their approach. They clearly and desperately want adepts and they will invest time and money to accomplish their aim.

But what does the Bible say about atheists?

According to the Bible there is no such thing as being free from God and becoming “independent.” If one rejects God’s ways, he automatically joins the "other" camp and that camp is Satan’s camp. Satan is “the Prince of the Power of the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience.” (Ephesians 2:2).

Atheists are “children of disobedience." They have no use for God’s commandments, though some may say that some commandments may have some "social value."

Many have a particular hatred toward the God of the Bible and some openly blaspheme Him and His ways with vehemence. Their spirit is the same bitter spirit that Satan and his rebellious demons have toward God. 

Yet, in spite of their anger, their offensive diatribes and their sinful ways, we must remember that Jesus Christ died for them as well and that in the past several atheists have mended their ways and have become committed disciples of Jesus Christ. A few went on to become famous Christian apologists.

Though they are our adversaries, we must not see them as detestable enemies. We are to love them as Christ loves them, and we must not treat them with disrespect and disdain.

Atheism is therefore a philosophy that emanates from Satan. It leads to abandoning the true God and to idolizing the self.  Furthermore it, at times, supports lifestyles which are dangerous and self-destructive.

Atheism, therefore, must be opposed, and we must do so without relenting, as we must oppose any other form of Satanism.

Michael C.

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