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     Militant atheists do not hide their arrogance and their superiority; they proudly exhibit it whenever they have the opportunity.  Their web sites are replete with pride, impertinent comments, tangible sarcasm and copious ridicule of religion. The following are just a few examples of their arrogant and condescending attitudes and statements.

...but first a candid admission:

"To atheists, I make an especially avid plea to reconsider their own position as well. I am tired of heated debates that lead to  personal insult. I find Christians who are close-minded frustrating, but I find atheists who speak sarcastically and disrespectfully equally disappointing." (Emphasis Mine)

O'Brien, Paul, Gentle Godlessness, Infidels Web Site. <> (9 July, 2008).





When a fellow student sitting next to her sneezed last Monday, Tennessee high school senior Kendra Turner responded with a gentle "bless you."

For this common courtesy, Kendra was corrected in front of her class by the Dyer County High School typing teacher. The teacher told Kendra, “We will not have Godly speaking in my class!”

At the first of the school year, the teacher specifically prohibited the words “bless you,” along with other words such as “stupid,” “dumb” and “boring” in her class.

Read more at <> (22, 08, 2014).


The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is threatening to sue Steven after he offered a discount to customers who bring in a church bulletin. They said Bailey’s Pizza is violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

<> (22, 08, 2014).

When school's not in session, church is ... and that's a problem apparently

Bob Kellogg   ( Thursday, February 20, 2014

 "Two well-known atheists in Hawaii have accused several churches of defrauding the government by leasing space for Sunday services in school buildings," Schowengerdt relays. "They're saying that the churches should've paid more than they did, even though they paid everything that the government asked them to pay. So ... they're baseless lawsuits." - See more at:


 The FFRF: The new dictator!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kountze cheerleaders told no Bible verses on signs

For three straight weeks, high school football players in a small southeast Texas town took the field by bolting through large red-and-white banners that hollered the praises of Jesus Christ.

Most people in Kountze viewed the banners as evidence of the students' admirable moral upbringing -- Christianity and the Bible always had been fundamental to this town of 2,100.

But someone complained to a foundation that fights for the separation of church and state, and by Tuesday, a day after receiving a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the superintendent banned the banners, and the town became embroiled in a controversy that has touched other communities nationwide. (21/09/2012)

Can they stood any lower?

August 30/ 2012

Atheist's invocation a 'slap in the face' to the nation

An Oklahoma delegate to the Republican National Convention is incensed that the Tulsa City Council has agreed to allow an atheist to pray at its meeting today.

The prayer, or "invocation," ends a year-long battle with council members in the "Bible Belt" city. The Humanist Association of Tulsa has worked for years to prevent sectarian prayers before Tulsa City Council meetings, finding little success with the leaders who remain confident that the practice is constitutional.

Toni Calvey, Oklahoma resident and Republican delegate representing The Sooner State in Tampa, has concerns about what the atheist's prayer represents.

"Personally I think it's a slap in the face to our Christian heritage … our nation and … our state of Oklahoma," she comments. "We are a conservative state, and I think that something like this is meant to be provocative, and it's insulting to me."

ure/2012/08/30/atheists-invocation-a-slap-in-the-face-to-the-nation (21/09/2012)

From Arrogance to irrational: The Freedom from Religion Foundation spews more venom...

City’s logo under atheist attack

Charlie Butts   (
Monday, August 27, 2012 11:00 AM

"The Freedom from Religion Foundation is threatening to sue if it is not removed, according to attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel. Staver says that section of the logo has special significance.

"The Franciscan Chapel in this small community is part of the Franciscan University, which is very influential and very important to the history of Steubenville," Staver explains. "This particular logo has that as one of several different pictures."

"To suggest that this is an establishment of religion is absolutely preposterous, but this is just the same modus operandi for Freedom From Religion Foundation, which is a very anti-Christian organization bent on literally erasing every picture, every word, every memory of our Judeo/Christian heritage from America," the attorney says.

Franciscan University not only has historical importance but is also the town's biggest employer.

Staver is pleased that Steubenville is refusing to back down, and he notes that Liberty Counsel has offered to represent the city free of charge".

The Freedom from Religion Foundation at it again...


An atheist organization is suing Texas Governor Rick Perry, a possible presidential candidate, for initiating a private prayer event scheduled for August 6 in Houston. (Even private prayer events now bothers the FFRF. )

A Nobel Prize winner gets the prize for foolishness.

"Jose Saramago, who won the 1998 Nobel Prize for Literature, said society would probably be better off without the Bible.

"The Bible is a manual of bad morals (which) has a powerful influence on our culture and even our way of life. Without the Bible, we would be different, and probably better people," he was quoted as saying by the news agency Lusa.

Saramago attacked "a cruel, jealous and unbearable God (who) exists only in our heads" and said he did not think his book would cause problems for the Catholic Church "because Catholics do not read the Bible."

"'It might offend Jews, but that doesn't really matter to me," he added.'"

"Nobel winner slams Bible as 'handbook of bad morals' <> (19 october, 2009)

In God you must not trust...

"The nation's largest group of atheists and agnostics filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to block an architect from engraving "In God We Trust" and the Pledge of Allegiance at the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington.

The Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation's lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in western Wisconsin, claims the taxpayer-funded engravings would be an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.

The foundation also is challenging the constitutionality of the National Day of Prayer in federal court."

Foley, J. Ryan,, "Lawsuit seeks to block 'In God We Trust' engraving." The Associated Press. <> (17 July, 2009).

How about total disrespect for places of worship...

"An Italian cathedral will have to be purified after a couple of goth rock fans had sex in a confession box. The cathedral, in the northern city of Cesena, is no longer considered fit as a place of worship and requires a special Mass to restore its sanctity, church officials said. The act which desecrated the church took place during a seven o'clock service on Saturday morning. A parishioner heard ''rustling and groaning'' coming from the box and called the Carabinieri, who whisked the curtains aside to find the pair of goths engaged in oral sex. ''We're atheists. Having sex in church is the same as doing it anywhere else,'' said the pair, aged 31 and 32."

"Cathedral to be Purified after Sex." <> (22 October, 2009).

How far will the FFRF go?  One more example...

"A county government in Wisconsin will no longer open its meetings with prayer, against the will of the majority.The Dodge County Board of Supervisors has traditionally opened their meetings with prayer for years, until newly-elected Supervisor Dean Fuller complained it was unconstitutional. The Associated Press reports board chairman Russell Kottke received a letter from the atheist Freedom from Religion Foundation, claiming prayer is illegal and suggesting the meetings be opened with a moment of silence."

Butts, C. and Cooper M. "One complaint bans prayer for Wisc. board meeting." OneNewsNow - <> (11 Feb. 2009)

Militant atheist wants to dictate what is being said by the president-elect during the oath of office. Another example of pushing the will of the few on the many by trying to change a tradition that goes back to George Washington.

"Avowed atheist Michael Newdow, infamous for his attacks against references to God in the Pledge of Allegiance and the national motto, now wants to remove all religious references from Barack Obama's inauguration. Newdow, who in past legal battles has tried to strip the United States currency of a reference to God and has sued to alter the pledge of allegiance in schools, now wants to alter history. Newdow wants the president-elect barred from a traditional reference to God in the oath of office -- "so help me God" -- because those words are not in the oath set out in the Constitution. He also wants two prayers by well-known Christian figures cancelled. Revs. Rick Warren and Joseph Lowery are scheduled to deliver inaugural prayers on January 20."

 Butts, Charlie, Brown, Jody,  Atheist Rips into Presidential Oath. Onenewsnow Web Site. <> (31 December, 2008)

The insolence of the FFRF marches on as shown in this pathetic example of disrespect.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation in Washington state has asked for and been granted permission to install a plaque in the Washington State Capitol next to a Nativity scene which reads in part:

“There are no gods, no devils, no heaven or hell.  There is only our natural world.  Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

 Segelstein, Marcia,  Atheist Plaque Next to Nativity Scene in Washington <> (4 December, 2008).

"EDMONTON - Ian Bushfield wants God off the program when University of Alberta students line up in caps and gowns next spring to get their degrees.

On Monday he gets to make his case.

Bushfield is the head of the university's Atheists and Agnostics association, which has petitioned the University of Alberta to remove the reference to God in the traditional convocation speech delivered by the chancellor to new graduates.

In the speech, the chancellor urges those in mortar boards to use their newly granted parchments for "the glory of God and the honour of your country."

Dean Bennett, The Canadian Press, "University of Alberta considers Excising God from Convocation Speech. <"> (25, October, 2008)

Here is one example of extreme fanaticism. This atheist site offers a free video to young people who have the guts to upload a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and risk spending their eternity in Hell. Can anyone stoop lower than this....

"You may damn yourself to Hell however you would like, but somewhere in your video you must say this phrase: "I deny the Holy Spirit."

Why? Because, according to Mark 3:29 in the Holy Bible, "Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin." Jesus will forgive you for just about anything, but he won't forgive you for denying the existence of the Holy Spirit. Ever. This is a one-way road you're taking here."

The Blasphemy (21 July, 2008).


Can anyone compete with Richard Dawkins in the area of arrogance? Doubtful. (See Dawkins's Rebuttals, on this site.

"Dawkins doesn't shy from controversy, nor does he suffer fools gladly. He recently met a minister who was on the opposite side of a British political debate. When the minister put out his hand, Dawkins kept his hands at his side and said, "You, sir, are an ignorant bigot."

Slack, Gordy,  "The atheist." The Web Site. <>  (9 July, 2008). 

(Freedom From Religion) "Foundation PR director Dan Barker and Foundation president Anne Gaylor stood beside a Ten Commandment monument in Denver, Colorado and placed beside it the following marker with Anne's suggested wording for a freethought alternative."

"There are no gods, no devils no angels no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds."

"Other Court Challenges." FFRF Web Site. <> (9 July, 2008).

(Atheists such as the two above excel in vast generalizations. See "Atheist Mistakes" on this site.)

"Do study the ten commandments! They epitomize the childishness, the vindictiveness, the sexism, the inflexibility and the inadequacies of the bible as a book of morals."

"What's Wrong With the Ten Commandments?" FFRF Web Site. <> (9 July, 2008).

See "Ten Great proofs of God's Existence" on this site for a rebuttal.

Atheist forcefulness is nothing new. This example goes back to 1858. That spirit is alive and well in many of today's atheists.

"If we find a mind bound round with Creeds and Bibles, we will select a sharp knife to cut the bonds; if we find men prostrating themselves, without inquiry, before idols, our policy is iconoclastic -- we will destroy those idols. If we find a rock in our path, we will break it; but we will not quarrel with our brother who deems his proper work to be that of polishing the fragments. We believe all the religions of the world are founded on error, in the ignorance of natural causes and material conditions, and we deem it our duty to endeavor to expose their falsity. Our policy is therefore aggressive."

Bradlaugh, Charles, "Aggressive Atheism," The Investigator Newspaper, Nov. 1, 1858. Cited in The Atheist Eye Web Site. <> (9 July, 2008). 

Madalyn Murray O'hair, a champion of atheism, had no respect for agnostics. In her typical intolerant way, she dismissed them as "gutless." (Richard Dawkins has a somewhat similar attitude. See Dawkins' Rebuttals, on this site.

"The Atheist position is that the traditionalist historical concepts of god are quite fallacious and that the notion of some ``super power'' is not now susceptible of proof by existing scientific methods or by the accumulation of knowledge presently accessible to man. Therefore the Atheists live as if there were no god, no efficacy in prayer, and no life after death. We are free from theism. We bet everything on this as being accurate.

The agnostic is gutless and prefers to keep one safe foot in the god camp."

O'Hair, Madalyn, "Agnostics." Cited in Atheist Eye Web Site. < July, 2008). 

The following statement encapsulates the long-term agenda of atheists. They clearly mean business. See also Atheist Agenda, on this site.

"The genuineness and authenticity of the Scriptures are questions relevant to Secularism. It is as necessary for the Secularist to destroy Bible influences as for the farmer to endeavor to eradicate the chickweed from his clover field. We appeal to those who think our work fairly done to aid us in our labors; to those who will not work with us we simply say, do not hinder us."

Bradlaugh, Charles, "Aggressive Atheism." Cited in, Atheist Eye Web Site. <>  (9 July, 2008). 


The following statement summarizes the views of atheistic humanists and their arrogant belief that humans have need of no one to improve the human condition. See Atheistic Humanism: The New Messiah? on this site.

"Science can teach us, and I think our own hearts can teach us, no longer to look around for imaginary supports, no longer to invent allies in the sky, but rather to look to our own efforts here below to make this world a better place to live in, instead of the sort of place that the churches in all these centuries have made it."

Russell, Bertrand. "Why I Am Not A Christian," Cited in, Atheist Eye Web Site. <>  (9 July, 2008). 

While many atheists arrogantly attack all religions, their predilection is mostly Christianity. See Is Christianity Evil?, on this site.


"This website hosts a collection of atheist essays that illuminate the lunacy and cowardice of religious beliefs.  As such, you may be offended, insulted, or angered--maybe all three.  So if you don't think you can take it, then just stop reading right now.


While I see all flavors of theism as bordering on sheer lunacy, most of my commentary is directed at they are the most virulent offenders of proselytization and religious hypocrisy.  So if it will make you sleep well tonight, feel free to exclude yourself from this group."

The Godless Bastard Web Site. <>  (9 July, 2008). 


"Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, & the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people."

Karl Marx. Cited in Atheist Empire Web Site. <> (9 July, 2008). 

(Marx's ideas/religion led to the destruction of tens of millions and helped bring about the most bloody time in human history.) See Crimes of Atheism, on this site.)

"Our Bible reveals to us the character of our god with minute and remorseless exactness... It is perhaps the most damnatory biography that exists in print anywhere. It makes Nero an angel of light and leading by contrast"

"[The Bible] has noble poetry in it... and some good morals and a wealth of obscenity, and upwards of a thousand lies."

Mark Twain, "Reflections on Religion." Cited in Atheist Empire Web Site.  <> (27 Dec. 2006).

(Many atheists speak very condemnatory words against the God of the Bible. Unfortunately, their views are based on either Bible ignorance or a very superficial understanding of the God of the Bible. See Is God Cruel? on this site.)


Friedrich Nietzsche

“Before God! But now God is dead. You superior men, this God was your greatest danger. Only since he is in the grave, have you risen again. Only now comes the great noontide; only now the superior man will be –Lord!"

"Suffering and taking sin upon himself might have been right for that preacher of small people (Jesus Christ). But I rejoice in great sin as my great solace—"

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, In Michael Curtis (Ed.) The Great Political Theories, Vol. 2 (New York: Avon Books, 1962, PP. 261-262). Cited in, Christopher, J.R., G.G, Wittet, Modern Western Civilization. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1991, 232, 233.

“Perhaps the most solemn conceptions that have caused the most fighting and suffering, the conceptions “God” and “sin,” will one day seem to us of no more importance than a child’s play thing…”

Levy, Oscar (Ed.) The Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche. Volume 12, 1964. Cited in Christopher, J.R., G.G, Wittet, Modern Western Civilization. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1991, 75

(Nietzsche was Hitler's primary source of inspiration. Need we say more? See Was Hitler an Atheist? on this site.)

"Atheists are, in fact, the living embodiments of the temperaments that the religious claim to possess but fail to embody."

(Except for humility, of course...)

Russell Cole,  “Militant Atheism” <>  (1 October, 2008)


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