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I was introduced to the spirit of atheism in the early seventies, when the  President of a major American atheistic association was being interviewed on a local TV station in my city. I was baffled by the manís self-assuredness, his forcefulness and, most of all, his arrogance. The man concluded the interview with the following perplexing statement: ďNo intelligent mind would ever believe in God.Ē

The atheistís concluding remark stayed with me for a long time. Several years later I decide to put his words to the test and went on to explore the religious beliefs of the greatest minds of the past. In so doing, I found that the atheistís assertion was almost completely false. The result of my research led to the publication of the book, God Seen Through the Eyes of the Greatest Minds (Now, WE BELIEVE IN GOD The Greatest Artists, Musicians, Philosophers, Scientists and Writers Believed in God), a compilation of direct statements from almost all of the greatest geniuses of the past in the fields of Philosophy, Science, Literature, Art and Music, which prove unequivocally that they held a firm belief in a Creator.

Since then, my awareness of the impact of this relatively small minority has grown significantly--and so has my concern. For several decades a few but very fanatical and determined militant atheists have been transforming the American landscape. Their dramatic success has had an inspirational impact on other atheist groups worldwide who follow their tactics in their own countries.

Since the advent of the Internet, militant atheists have found a powerful new conduit to propagate their views. Well-designed and well-funded web sites offer large quantities of material against religion, and Christianity in particular. Without doubt, these sites have already succeeded in converting many young and impressionable believing minds into doubt and some into fanatical atheism. High school teachers and University professors with an atheistic or agnostic bent have further added to this trend by manipulating the minds of many young believing students with their pernicious arguments.

Militant atheism should concern all believers. It is a form of fanaticism on a par with extreme religious movements. Like religious extremism, it is characterized by intensity and arrogance; it tears at, and ridicules opposite viewpoints; it is often aggressive, disrespectful, sarcastic, and intolerant. Its aim is to kill faith and hope and to leave as many victims as possible with a psychological vacuum that they aim to fill with their empty and destructive ideas.

Furthermore, modern militant atheism has a radical agenda to make abortion and euthanasia totally legal, to normalize and render acceptable all forms of sexual deviations  and to erase religion out of existence.

This site is meant to spotlight their agenda, their fanaticism, their inaccuracies and their irrational thinking. Most of all, it is meant to provide ample resources that effectively combat their attempts at weakening and destroying the faith of the many.

Michael Caputo

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