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     Atheism is gaining ground around the world. Atheist efforts are multiplying and their successes will increase. If you would like to help Atheism to grow faster, please follow any of the following suggestions.

 1.    Be only a “nominal” Christian. Be a Christian by name, but never read your Bible, never go to church to receive instructions, don’t bother about kindness and works of charity, but become a wonderful person at Christmas time. Be quick to profess that you are a Christian, but almost never be one.

2.   2.    Be a fanatical hypocrite. Speak much about religion; talk often about the Bible; cite scriptures at the drop of hat, but be harsh, mean, argumentative and critical. Most of all, do the total opposite of what you profess to be.

3.   3.   Be a “liberal” Christian. You, know, the ones who are all lovy-dovy; who thinks that as long as we love others, there is nothing else to worry about; who freely offer understanding to those who sin without shame or regret. After all, you wouldn’t want to ”judge” others would you?

4.   4.   Be a “super-hypocrite.” Join an anti-evil cause. Be fanatically and loudly anti-homosexuality, anti-adultery, anti-immorality of any kind and have a lover on the side, practice homosexuality in the dark or go to massage parlours for questionable purposes.

5.   5.   Be a religious leader who preaches holiness –loudly, dramatically, intensely  -- and who regularly condemns "the evil ones" in society, while doing the same in the darkest secret.

6.   6.    Be vile toward others who are evil. Use vile language on the Internet when combating atheists, homosexuals, abortionists. Fight fire with fire. And don’t forget to write nasty emails to the likes of Richard Dawkins. They love to hear from you.

7.   7.   Be dishonest with facts. Exaggerate and doctor statistics to prove that the evil ones are wrong. After all, a close approximation to truth is no big deal. Don't  atheists and other infidels do the same?

8.   8.   Be a government leader who publicly professes to be a practicing Christian. Let the world know that you base your life on the teachings of Jesus Christ, but do whatever is necessary to get into power and to retain power.

9.   9.    Start a mega-church where positive thinking rules. Forget about preaching about sin, morality and holiness and especially about the immediate and eternal consequences to sin. Constantly stress the wonders of grace and fail to remind your people that, “He who sins is a slave to sin,” and that no practicing sinner will enter the Kingdom of God. (Christ's words)

10. 10.   Write books about the infinite love of God and Christ and how much they love everyone, but fail to remind your readers about repentance and the need to follow Christ in word and deed.

     By doing any or several of the above, you are sure to give lots of ammunition to those who are already atheists; you are sure to push the wavering into the atheist camp, and you are sure to cast shame on Christ’s name – which His enemies love to see and publish.