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God is the Prime Mover


Everything is in motion, from the galaxies in the heavens, to our Earth and Moon.  Everything around us manifests energy, dynamism and changeabilityóthat is motion. Back in time, all this motion had a beginning. Science refers to this beginning as ďThe Big Bang.Ē The One who emanates energy and put everything in motion is the First Cause.


God is the First Cause


Billions of years ago, matter came into being from energy. All the particles in the universe were originally compressed into a miniscule, super-compressed ball which a titanic explosion propelled into space at an incomprehensible  speed. Particles appeared because they were willed to appear and they were willed to combine into atoms with the capacity to combine into a great variety of minerals and chemicals. The mind that willed the appearance of the building blocks of the universe is God.


Order and Design in Nature


Order abounds in creation. This implies that there is an ďOrderer,Ē that is someone who is behind the amazing and wonderful order we see everywhere in nature.  The natural world abounds in design and purpose. The multitudes of systems that operate and co-operate in the universe imply a Creator. Design abounds, even in the smallest of organisms. In the human body, organs are designed to perform specific functions and to cooperate with all other organs in incredible harmony. There is beauty, and stunning design even in the strangest of creatures.  All order and design points in the direction of Someone who willed it and who maintains it: God.




Miracles have been a trademark of the Judeo-Christian God, since the beginning. Countless witnesses have testified to and have written about Godís mighty works as they are recorded in the Bible. In the New Testament, Christ witnessed to Godís power by performing great wonders and by bringing people back from the dead. Later, His followers continued manifesting Godís power by doing other mighty works, as recorded by totally faithful and truthful witnesses. As well, countless Christians, throughout the ages, have received miraculous answers to their prayers.  The source of these great wonders is the all-powerful God.


Fulfilled Prophecies


The Bible abounds in fulfilled prophecies that point to Godís existence. For instance, God enunciated many prophecies relating to Israel, Judah and many other nations -- and they were fulfilled. The prophetic warnings of captivity for both Israel and Judah came to pass. The punishments prophesied against other nations, such as Babylon, and Assyria, were fulfilled as well. After a prolonged captivity, Judah was to return from exile -- and it occurred, as described in Ezra and Nehemiah. After two thousand years of Diaspora, the Jews are back in the Promised Land, as prophesied in the Old and New Testament. Only an all-powerful Being can foretell events hundreds of years in advance and then make sure they come to pass.


Jesus Christís First Coming


Many Old Testament scriptures prophesied, in great detail, the coming of Christ and many of the events surrounding his coming.  All the prophecies relating to Christís first coming were fulfilled is astonishing detail. Christ was the promised Messiah and God in the flesh Who lived among men and manifested His great power before thousands of witnesses. Some such witnesses have faithfully recorded Christís great works, His death and His resurrection in the New Testament.


The Ten Commandments


Up to Sinai, humans were slaves to oppressive gods that demanded blind submission and offered no guiding moral law. The God of Israel revolutionized the ancient world with ten amazing laws that had the inherent potential to bring about mental peace, social harmony and freedom from the disastrous consequences of sin. No human mind could have ever conceived such concise, yet powerfully transforming package. The Ten Commandments are from God. 


 The Greatest Minds Believed


Unlike what many atheists propagate, most of the greatest intellects of the past reached the same conclusion: God exists. The fathers of Science, such as Newton, Galileo, Kepler, Gilbert, Copernicus and Einstein held a firm belief in God and openly professed their belief.



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