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Most  people around the world do not know who Henry Morgentaler is. In Canada Henry Morgentaler is a well known atheist-abortionist. Pro- abortion groups worldwide applaud  him as one of their heroes; Pro-life groups see him as a callous killer of countless human lives. Recently  Morgentaler was chosen to be awarded "The Order of Canada," for being a heroic defender of the rights of women. Is this man truly a hero, or is he an enemy of humanity?

Henry Morgentaler has gone from being a law-breaker, for stubbornly performing illegal abortions, to becoming a Canadian luminary. He has just been chosen to be awarded the prestigious and coveted, "Order of Canada," the highest civilian award any Canadian can receive. The reason? Having helped to bring about the liberalization of Canadian abortion laws.

The decision rendered by the Governor General and a group of  appointees was, reportedly, not unanimous, and the present Conservative leadership opposes it. Yet, unless the award is revoked, Morgentaler has achieved Canadian stardom for having helped make abortion legal in Canada and for having helped to prevent the lives of countless human beings in his lucrative abortion clinics and in hospitals and clinics around Canada.

Who is this man who was critical in bringing about such a heinous state of affairs in what used to be a conservative Christian nation?

Henry Morgentaler is shockingly a Jewish holocaust survivor; but he is no longer a religious Jew. He is, in fact, one of the most committed militant atheists in the world. He was declared Humanist of the Year in 1975 by the atheist, American Humanist Association, and he is an active member of the Council for Secular Humanism, another atheist association. He actively promotes atheism in Canada.

Morgentaler, like so many other atheists, is quick to defend his views with pseudo-logical rationalizations that are nothing short of blatantly absurd. Yet, many continue to see him as a very intelligent, rational and humane individual. It is the view of this author that, though he may be academically intelligent, he is far from being rational and humane.

Let’s look at some glaring evidence of this sad reality, as described in the newspaper article below.

In 2005, Morgentaler was awarded an honorary Doctor of Law Degree by the University of Western Ontario. During the ceremony, he gave a very revealing and shocking speech that should have led to an immediate revocation of the award, but unfortunately it did not. During his speech he said the following:

     "By fighting for reproductive freedom, and making it possible, I have made a contribution to a safer and more caring society  where people have a greater opportunity to realize their full potential," (Author’s emphasis)

     "Well-loved children grow into adults who do not build concentration camps, do not rape and do not murder,"

     “He claimed that violent crime has decreased since 1991, a trend he attributed to more abortion procedures being made available.”

     "The most important factor is that there are fewer unwanted children, fewer children likely to be abused, brutalized or neglected ...(Author’s emphasis) children so victimized they may grow up for a thirst for vengeance which seeks an outlet in violence,"(1)

Upon close scrutiny, Morgentaler’s words become not only shocking, but terrifying in their ramifications.

He, first of all, “humbly” presents himself as the “saviour” of Canada. According to him, He is the one who has made Canada a “safer and more caring” society. Violent crime, he informs us,  has dropped because of an increase in abortions; and this is due, according to him,  to his efforts. (Incidentally, it was just announced that, though there was a "slight" decrease in violent crime for the past three years, probably due to tougher sentences implemented by the Conservative Party of Canada, "Violent youth crime ...has been increasing steadily over the last two decades, said Statistics Canada, and the rate in 2007 was 'more than double that reported in the mid-1980s.'"(2) How will Morgentaler justify this trend?)

One of the points that stands out in his speech is the ‘typical” militant atheist arrogance. He, and those like him, dare to take the place of God by deciding what is right and what is wrong. He gives value and worth to human life, only if they are “well loved,” and if  “they can realize their full potential.” How many humans were treated "ideally" by their parents? How many were “harshly” abused?  Did they all become criminals worthy of death, because they were abused? Are humans who were hurt psychologically because of poor parenting undeserving of life? Are the poor children of the world who will not realize their full potential worthy of death? “Yes” says the all-wise Henry Morgentaler; and that to benefit them and society.

For those who have eyes to see, in the above speech, Morgentaler confessed supporting the death penalty in advance, and without any proven guilt, and did so with a brutally cold and emotionally detached attitude. He insolently dares to judge the unborn, without a court case, without defending lawyers, without witnesses and jury, and alone declares countless many guilty. In his extreme egomania, He is supreme, all-knowing, all-powerful and ruler over life: He is god.

Yet, this kind of glaringly distorted thinking has just received the highest award in Canada. Thankfully, it was the decision of a few who are clearly  just as irrational as he is. Refreshingly, many appalled Canadians see the absurdity of it all and are strongly opposed to the decision. We totally join in their disgust and applaud their efforts to attempt a revocation of the award.


(1) "Fewer Counterfeiting Offences, Break-ins Lowered Crime Rate in 2007: StatsCan ." <> (18 July, 2008).

 [2] "Abortion access has helped make society safer: Morgentaler."  CBC News.<>  (2 July, 2008).



"The decision, which is to be announced in time for Canada Day, is clearly not driven by popular demand.  For example, an online poll by the Globe and Mail, with over 300,000 respondents, went 92% to 8% against giving the award to Morgentaler."

"But many others argue that the real injustice is that Canada, thanks in large part to Morgentaler and his disciples, has no law at all against cutting up babies in the womb — indeed it is the only “civilized” country without such a law."

"I can tell you that I myself am pondering this last question very seriously. Henry Morgentaler’s Canada is not my Canada.  I’m with the late Louis-Philippe de Grandpré, sometime justice of the Supreme Court of Canada: “Abortion at any stage of pregnancy is murder, and any attack against the fetus is a crime. To kill a fetus is murder.” 

, Douglas Farrow: "Henry Morgentaler’s Canada is not my Canada." National Post Newspaper.  < (9 July, 2008).


"I am thankful that I was not in the same room as Henry Morgentaler, recently awarded the Order of Canada, until several years after I was safely delivered from my mother's womb. After all, when you get right down to it (and it doesn't take much time or effort), Dr. Morgentaler seems to have one driving obsession in life: to end the lives of others, specifically, those most in need of protection-- babies in the womb."

"Morgentaler and his "arguments" fit well with the so-called "new atheists," whose polemics are not, as many have noted, new at all; they are more like the corrupted, disfigured offspring of the popular atheism of the early 20th century."

"...because men like Hitler and Stalin killed millions of innocent people, we must do all we can to kill potential Hitlers and Stalins before they are born or have committed any acts whatsoever. The deeper problem, however, is that Morgentaler's view of humanity is not just mechanistic, but fatalist. There are plenty of people raised in loving homes who end up committing horrible crimes, just as there are many people raised in abusive homes who overcome their upbringing and are loving, non-violent people. Trying to play God in such a way results in actions that are godless and Hitler-like: killing innocent people based on a "logical" belief that is, in reality, based in an irrational "us vs. them" mentality. Hitler believed that Jews (and Christians) were ruining the world, so he set out to destroy them. Morgentaler believes that children born into certain homes will ruin society, so he seeks to destroy them."

Olson, Carl E. "What I Learned From Henry Morgentaler." Ignatius Insight Web Site. < (9 July, 2008).