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     There is a new breed of atheists out there that are just as dangerous as any other kind  of atheists that preceded them. They call themselves, "Atheistic Humanists,"  or "Secular Humanists." Many of them are cunning and determined, as their atheist fathers and mothers were. Like their atheist parents they can be easily confronted and their faith assumptions can be easily shattered with much support from history and plain common sense.

     Many modern-day atheists try to separate themselves from their aggressive forefathers and are now attempting to put forth a new kinder, gentler façade: Humanistic Atheism.

     The heart and core of Humanistic Atheism is the faith assumption that human nature is essentially good. They hold that human nature is good without the need of God and definitely without the need of fear of God. They also hold that humans have the ability to determine for themselves right and wrong. Furthermore, they have blind faith in Science as the savior of mankind. Quite a package.

     One need not think long to see the intrinsic problems in this package. If human nature is essentially good, then why all the historic turmoil on this earth? Why is human history saturated with conquests, pillaging, destructions, sadism, endless wars, and bitter feuding at all levels. Why do we have so little co-operation and so much competition? Why do  we have terrorism, hunger, AIDS, STD’s without end, divorces by the tens of millions, rapes, murders, etc.?

     History gives glaring evidence to the reality that human nature has not proven to be that wonderful after all. The past century, Atheistic Communists have tried to modify it in their brutal ideological experiment, but they failed miserably. In those countries,  human nature resisted any attempt at change and remained filled with selfishness, pride, and deceit. Humans everywhere are filled with the same traits -- and Atheistic Humanists are not an exception. They too can be selfish, proud, and dishonest -- though they might not want to admit it.

     As for the human ability to determine right from wrong, it is naïve thinking for two reasons: First of all, to discover what is right and wrong one must first of all define what is right and what is wrong. The moment one rejects Revelation, one is left with human bias. Try to get a group of philosophers to determine what is right and what is wrong and you will have lots of fun. This honorable attempt has been tried before and the result is among us today; it is called “Moral Relativism.” That is, each human is free to determine right from wrong, for himself.

     The second problem with this philosophy is that one can easily rationalize that “the end justifies the means,” as Machiavelli taught us. Humans can rationalize all sorts of evil actions as being ultimately “beneficial” for the many. Hitler and Stalin and Mao killed tens of millions so that future multitudes could enjoy heaven on earth. If one deceives himself into believing that his evil actions will finally be beneficial to the many, then all kind of devious actions can be permitted.

     As to Atheists’ blind faith in Science as the savior of mankind, one need only look at the evidence. The scientific method has been around since Galileo’s time. Four hundred years have gone by. The discoveries have been many; the technological advancements have been many; the medical discoveries have been many. We have advanced mightily in all fields of scientific endeavors and what is the end result? Atomic weapons that can pulverize all of humanity in a few minutes, un-breathable air, un-drinkable water, un-eatable foods, and global warming.  Human extinction is on the horizon, and we have Science and human nature to thank for it. And yet Humanistic Atheists put their trust in the two forces that are bringing us to the brink of extinction. How is that for self-delusion?

     In spite of the avalanche of evidence that demolishes the pillars of Atheistic Humanism, its propagators choose to pull the curtain on the damning past and present and tell their disciples that they can still succeed in solving the world’s problems -- in spite of past failures. But how? Do they have a magic wand that can finally transform humanity? Can they make selfishness, greed and irresponsible Science vanish? Are they imbued with super-human wisdom no one else has?

     Atheist Humanists are attempting to deceive many into a philosophy that has no firm foundation. All of them have made the mistake of rejecting the Source of all wisdom and the Source of solutions that work and by so doing they have entered a dark tunnel without an end. We believers must confront this new Atheistic manifestation unceasingly until it becomes extinct.


We Believe in God

The Greatest Artists, Musicians, Philosophers, Scientists, Writers and Poets Believed in God...(And a great many Nobel-Prize winners).








Unlike what atheists propagate, the greatest minds of the past believed in God. Read the fully-referenced proofs in this book.








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Life's Ultimate Question: Does God Exist?

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