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 In getting to know Alfred Kinsey, another fanatical atheist, one cannot but feel a level of revulsion. Kinsey was a hypocritical, and deceitful man who projected the clean conservative American image while living a life saturated with perversions. Alfred Kinsey succeeded in convincing America that his revolutionary, pseudo-scientific research deserved serious consideration in shaping the morals and laws of the nation. His success was due to deviously crafted lies and a relentless desire to make Christian morality a thing of the past. America is no longer recognizable and is sinking evermore in bottomless pit of moral degeneracy in large part thanks to the evil work of this distorted atheist mind.

"Alfred Charles Kinsey was born in Hoboken, New Jersey on June 23, 1894. Raised in a strict Methodist home where dancing, tobacco, alcohol and dating were forbidden, he would eventually sever all ties with his parents - and their religion - and lived the rest of his life as an avid atheist."

Reisman, J., "Sordid Science: The Sex Research of Alfred C. Kinsey," The Catholic Standard & Times  (Part 1 of 7). (26 May, 2009).

"Kinsey, an ardent atheist, considered most of what he read about sex prudish because it was based on traditional "Judaeo-Christian" ethics he considered repressive."

“Alfred Kinsey,”  Gay History, (26 May, 2009).

"Kinsey also was an avowed atheist who refused to hire Jews, blacks or committed Christians [Hitler was anti-Christian as well] throughout his career. Moreover, like the Nazis, Kinsey was a proponent of eugenics, which is the science of improving the human race through selective breeding."

Duke, S., “The Re-whitewashing  of  Pedophile Alfred Kinsey.” (26 May, 2009).

   "Before launching into his “research” on human sexuality, Dr. Alfred Kinsey was a confirmed atheist, eugenicist and evolutionist who believed that “religious-based,” “ancient taboos” were to blame for America’s supposedly repressive sexual attitudes and resulting social disorder."

Smith, J.,  “Kinsey’s Consequences.”  Concerned Women of America (26 May, 2009).

"In other words, Kinsey set out to conduct a study that would reinforce his own liberal attitudes to sexuality, not because of pure scientific motives but because of his atheism and his belief in the Darwinian view that humans were merely animals and morality was repressive."

"Darwin's Rogue Monkey, How a Diehard Evolutionist Used Junk Science to Kickstart the Sexual Revolution." (28 May, 2008)

“Dr. Kinsey’s most egregious fraud is that he wasn’t a scientist,” Reisman said the other day. He was an ideologue who was most importantly a sex offender at best, and, beyond being a sex offender, he was certainly a child sexual abuser and/or solicitor and guide in the perpetration of that abuse.” At the root of this accusation is an interview that Kinsey conducted with a sexual predator who kept detailed records of his activities with hundreds of women, men, and children.

But it is not simply Kinsey’s neutrality toward such people that upsets Reisman. She claims that Kinsey actively solicited pedophiles to molest children and report back to him. In fact, she said, “there is absolutely no reason to believe that Kinsey himself was not involved in the sexual abuse of these children.”

Rodosh, D., “Why Know?” New Yorker. (26 May, 2009).

 "Dr. Reisman: Your manuscript does an impressive and important job of exposing how heavily Kinsey’s data relate to criminals and sex deviates·. Kinsey does, to be sure, scatter bits of information about this; no one previously has done the painstaking detective work of pulling the bits and pieces together and estimating the proportion of respondents who were in these categories. . . your figure of "roughly 86 percent," it does appear to be in the right ball park; but even if the correct figure were only a quarter of that the effect on Kinsey’s validity would be devastating. Overall, your manuscript strongly reinforces my 1949 conclusion that ". . . it is impossible to say that the book has much value·"

(Wallis, W. Allen, is the past president of the American Statistical Associationand editor of the Journal of the American Statistical) association.)

Allen, Wallis, W., "Letter to Reisman." (26 May, 2009).

"In fact, notes Dr. Reisman, Kinsey's 'research' was not designed to simply liberate America from outdated and restrictive sexual morality, which is a common misconception. "Kinsey meant to undermine the legal protections for the institution of marriage," writes Reisman in her book, and the legal legacy of Kinsey's efforts is an accelerating descent of our culture into pornography, protected by a perversion of laws governing freedom of speech.

Kinseyites in all the top the law schools, according to Dr. Reisman, published law review articles demanding we lighten our allegedly repressive sex laws. "It was a small cabal of lawyers, psychologists, and Kinsey," said Reisman. "These people went about quietly, state by state, creating commission reports on sex that were forwarded to the state legislatures. The legislatures then responded by implementing the ALI/MPC recommendations. Prostitution, "contributing to the delinquency of a minor, sodomy, all of these laws crumbled when Kinsey 's fraudulent data were presented to state lawmakers."

"Kinsey broke down the structures that were put into place in our society to protect children, women, and the family structure," Dr. Reisman observes. " Look at the data regarding sex in the late 1940's. Abortion was illegal and contraception was difficult to obtain, especially for a single person. If what Kinsey was saying about the commonality of co-habitation, sex out of wedlock, prostitution and promiscuity were true, we would have had epidemic rates of "illegitimacy," sexually transmitted diseases , rape, and child sexual abuse. In fact, there were no such epidemics, because nonmarital sexual activity simply did not exist on anywhere near the scale Kinsey claimed.

Dr. Reisman noted, "Kinsey said he found that children were 100% orgasmic, even babies. 96% of our men are male sex offenders, 50% of husbands and 26% of wives were adulterers, and 90% of all single pregnant girls were having abortions… He claimed that the majority of all American men and women were bi-sexual…Which begs the question -- how does he know all this?" Dr. Reisman speculates that Kinsey's Midwestern university credentials were critical in suppressing protest. In her book, Dr. Reisman includes public relations photos and campaigns that were used to give the public the impression that Kinsey was an otherwise normal and serious scholar, and the con worked. "Nobody asked how he knew about the children's orgasms," noted Dr. Reisman, "because it was assumed that Kinsey's university research was scientific, and guess what? It wasn't scientific at all. It was fraud!"

Maurer, K., "Dr. Judith Reisman, Advises Catholic Church to Sue the Sex Experts for Medical Malpractice." Free Republic.  (26 May, 2009).

"Jones (a former employee of the Kinsey Institute) “…describes the Indiana University professor as a "secular evangelist," "a scolding preacher rather than a scientist," and a "covert revolutionary" who "used science to lay siege to middle class morality." Kinsey, explains Jones, engaged in "a public crusade for private reasons."

Those "private reasons" included a bizarre sex-life that involved wife-swapping, homosexual group-sex, an extreme masochism that helped destroy his health, and, perhaps, pedophilia. At every turn these "private reasons"—perversity and a need for dominance over others—permeated his "scientific" work.”

“Kinsey’s fellow researchers also served as his sex partners. Their zeal for sex played a role in leading their research to focus on people who deviated from societal standards—pimps, prostitutes, homosexuals, imprisoned sex offenders, etc.—and away from those who conformed. Kinsey’s "methodology and sampling technique virtually guaranteed that he would find what he was looking for," confesses Jones.

Kinsey’s perversion was often self-destructive. For most of his life, he masturbated with a "toothbrush" inserted in his urethra. At one point, Jones conveys, Kinsey crawled into a bathtub and "circumcised himself without the benefit of amnesia." Perhaps most disturbing of Jones’ revelations is an incident that happened during the college professor’s final years. Jones explains, "he tied a strong, tight knot around his scrotum with one end of the rope dangling from the pipe overhead. The other end he wrapped around his hand. Then, he climbed up on a chair, and jumped off, suspending himself in midair." The self-inflicted torture would hospitalize him for weeks and, ironically, may have contributed to the untimely death of this champion of "sexual freedom" two years later.

Although the total number of men used for the Male volume is in dispute (estimates range from 4,100 to 6,300), 1,400 members of the sample group were prison inmates. For Kinsey and his fellow researchers, basing their survey on the inhabitants of an environment that is a notorious breeding ground for perversion was still not enough to skew the data to their satisfaction. By developing key contacts in the urban gay subcultures of Chicago, New York, St. Louis and other big cities, Kinsey was able to interview hundreds of homosexuals, procuring sexual liaisons for himself while simultaneously weighting his study toward his pre-drawn conclusions.

Reisman demonstrates that this same kind of statistical trickery is pervasive throughout the Female volume. Prostitutes, for instance, were reclassified as "married women" to portray American wives as more promiscuous than they really were.

Kinsey’s need for control manifested itself in his demands to know the sexual case histories of all his workers and their families. He regulated the sexual behavior of those on his staff and demanded access to them, and occasionally, their wives. So great was his dominance that Pomeroy and Martin felt compelled to ask his permission to engage in extra-marital affairs. Kinsey, "like other notorious cult leaders," Reisman quite appropriately states, expected "total obedience from his staff."

The keystone of Reisman’s work, however, continues to be Kinsey’s role in the abuse of hundreds of children. Attempting to prove that humans are sexual from birth, Kinsey collected data on at least 324 (and perhaps as many as 2,000) children. Infants, as young as two months old, said Kinsey, achieve "orgasm" after being stimulated from "partners." Symptoms of sexual climax for young children, claimed Kinsey, often included "sobbing," "violent cries," "loss of color," and an "abundance of tears."

How Kinsey obtained his data on children is a point of contention. Kinsey claimed it was the work of one scientifically inclined pedophile. Paul Gebhard, a co-author of the Female volume and a later director of the Kinsey Institute, admits that several pedophiles contributed to the data. Still another Kinsey Institute official denies any involvement with sexual predators."

"Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences." Accuracy in Academia. (26 May, 2009).

"Biographer Jones describes Kinsey as "one of the scholarly eugenicists of pre-WW II" who favoured mass sterilization for the lower classes and selective breeding for the "better classes." Moreover, Judith Reisman emphasizes, the Rockefeller Foundation was early interested in population control and in using the media to popularize it. The Reece Committee, investigating U.S. tax-exempt foundations in 1953-54, concluded that this "plutocratic control" was accomplished by "funding the 'right' university research by the 'right' researchers, then by funding mass media dissemination of the 'right' science data to the public..." Kinsey's numbers made him a perfect fit for anyone eager to alter what he would call human "breeding patterns."

Dr. Reisman, a specialist in content analysis studies of written and visual media, lost many family members in the Holocaust. In that context she raises further sinister questions about Kinsey's data. For instance, who was the "lone pedophile," the "elderly gentleman," cited by Kinsey for his sexual molestation of 800 children? Who were "The Children of Table 34" and what became of them? How did Kinsey's "technically trained" observers gain access to the claimed 1,800 American children for illegal genital experiments? "To this day," she observes, "the Kinsey Institute and Indiana University have repeatedly... refused to reveal any names of the subjects or the experimenters..." Nor has any one of these children ever come forth, although the institute seems an excellent target for lawsuits.

Even in the destitute 1930s, at the cited rate of a dollar a day, she doubts that children as young as three months were obtainable in such numbers around Bloomington, Indiana. She suggests an ominous but credible alternative: a collaborative link between Kinsey and Nazi Germany, then a police state where such "experimentation" could have easily been conducted "as part of an on-going collegial, cross-cultural, multinational, `fact-finding' research project." She cites significant links, such as one George Sylvester Viereck who worked for the German Embassy in Washington D.C. Viereck established Nazi front groups, and is known to have been a Kinsey correspondent. Furthermore, the Rockefeller Foundation was simultaneously funding eugenics projects in Berlin."

Abrams, K. E.,  “Evidence of Kinsey ‘sex research’ fraud.”  (26 May, 2009).


We Believe in God

The Greatest Artists, Musicians, Philosophers, Scientists, Writers and Poets Believed in God ...   (And a great many Nobel-Prize winners).








Unlike what atheists propagate, the greatest minds of the past    believed in God. Read the fully-referenced proofs in this book.



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