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                           MY MESSAGE OF CONCERN TO YOUNG PEOPLE


Dear young friends,

     I am overjoyed to be able to communicate with you today. I am writing this letter to you, because I deeply care for you young people. I daily dedicate myself to teaching high school students and once a week I teach college students. I feel myself most privileged to have this very special opportunity.

     The reason I am writing to you is because of a deep concern I have about your psychological safety. There are people in education who want your mind. Most teachers are there to prepare you for a challenging future, to teach you skills and to help you become intelligent critical thinkers.  Most do so with fairness and objectivity. Some, as you may have already noticed, want to convert you to their world view, and will not help you to assess which path to take objectively; rather, they will try to convince you that there is only ”one way” to look at life, its origins and its meaning and that way is the “atheistic-evolutionary” way.

     You may have already encountered such teachers or professors. You may have already experienced the result of their work. You may already feel confused, anxious, and perhaps hopeless because of their manipulations. This is a sign that their efforts are being successful, and that you may be on the way to becoming one more casualty of their callous proselytizing.

     You need to know that these “educators” have a plan and that you and millions of other young people will be captured by them thanks to their unrelenting and deceitful efforts, unless you become aware of their ploys.

     To fulfill that plan they know they have to first of all gain control over education. To be totally successful, they know they must exclude God and His part in creation from the school system.  Unfortunately, they have succeeded in doing so by propagating the following lies:

1.          1.  God does not exist and it has been proven; or His existence cannot be proven.

               2.  Science is the “only” way to truth.

3.          3.  Worthwhile education must be evolution-based and “must” be framed with an                    evolutionary perspective.

4.          4.  Creationism must be kept out of the school system – at all costs. It is unscientific.

5.          5.  Intelligent people will unquestionably accept the above points. Not going along is a               sign of lower intelligence.

6.          6.  There is a better way to live life, and that is a godless way.

7.          7.  Science is the only force that can solve all human problems.


           You need to realize that the above seven points are lies, and you need to know why.            Let's looks at each  assertion critically.   

1.  God does not exist and it has been proven;  His existence cannot be proven.

        God does exist and the philosophical and theological proofs are sufficient.  God cannot be proven scientifically because, by His very essence, God cannot be measured and observed. His creation is the greatest proof of His existence. Energy is the source of all that is material. Energy is not aimless and blind. It has the capacity to create the magnificence of everything that exists on earth, not because it is aimless and blind but because it is directed by a brilliant Higher Power, who operates according to pre-established plans. Arguments such as, “If God exists, who made God?” are inane and absurd, since the term God, by definition, encompasses eternity and omnipotence. Accepting that the final reality is the universe and nothing beyond it, bases itself on the absurd idea that the Big Bang emanated from nothing or that blind energy accidentally ordered itself to create the stunning building block of the universe, the atom, and that again, accidentally it finally led to the emergence of intelligence from non-intelligence. Scientists or others who believe this absurd view exhibit huge quantities of faith that put any believer to shame.

 2. Science is the “only” way to truth.

     Science is the way to truth about the physical realm. It does not have the capacity to go beyond certain limits. It cannot deal with eternal truths, and it cannot address final questions such as why humans exist. Any time they attempt to overstep their boundaries they enter the philosophical and theological realm.

 3. Worthwhile education must be ”evolution-based.”

     Education must be based not on evolution but objectivity and an open mind. Education must be open to various explanations which must be assessed objectively, recognizing that different conclusions may be reached -- especially in the area of origins. Education must include a tolerant and respectful spirit. Not doing so leads to "monopolizing" and forcing one way of thinking on others, especially on those who sincerely see things differently from the rest.

4. Creationism must be kept out of the school system – at all costs. It is "unscientific."              

     Creationism is now accepted by an increasing number of reputable scientists. It offers a fundamentally different alternative to atheistic evolution, and it does so with facts and reason. The evidence against evolution is accumulating rapidly and the power of its evidence is becoming ever-more destructive of the atheistic-evolutionary viewpoint. Some leading atheists are panicking to the point of hysteria. The evidence of this is the extent to which they will go to stop creationists from having an equal time in schools. Most of all, they want you young people to be deprived of your right to know the opposite viewpoint, no matter what the consequences may be for your psychological and spiritual health. They, therefore, show great disrespect for your dignity as a human being and your right to have your dignity honoured by allowing both perspectives to be presented to you so that you and only you might decide what to believe.

 5. Intelligent people will unquestionably accept the above points. Not accepting them is a sign of lower intelligence.

     Intelligent people will assess all points of view and will try to reach their own conclusion. Intelligent people do not fool themselves into believing that just because textbooks or professors say that something is proven truth is necessarily proven truth. Intelligent people know that the majority is not always right, and thus they are willing to question what is commonly accepted and believed. This is an intelligent person’s right and evolutionists, or fanatical religionists, have no right to deprive you of it.

 6. There is a better way to live life, and it is the godless way.  

     Atheistic-evolution is not the better way. Atheism does not lead to a better life. Asserting that is atheistic propaganda which is replete with lies. Atheists do not have more success in relationships than truly committed religious people. Atheists do not have a better quality of life. In fact atheists have a very high failure rate in relationships, and they suffer from more depression than truly committed believers. Negating God and rebelling against His commandments is leading to a breakdown in society and to astronomical figures in STD’s, mental illness, and suicide. God offers a way of life that, if embraced fully, will give you a longer and healthier life, an increased possibility of success in marriage and happy and well-adjusted children. You do not need science to give you its guidance in these areas.  The evidence is there, and you only need your common sense to see it.

7.  Science is the only force that can ultimately solve all human problems.                                                                                                                                                                                          Science will not solve human problems, because human problems are essentially spiritual problems. Human problems have to ultimately to do with human nature and human arrogance and selfishness. Human nature will not and cannot be tamed by science. Humans will finally come to the realization that selfishness does not work; that unbridled competition must be replaced with a spirit of cooperation;  that God’s commandments are the way to peace and harmony and that rebellious transgression to those Divine commands will lead to individual, societal, and finally global destruction. Science has not succeeded in finding the core problem, and it definitely cannot offer spiritual solutions. Theology does.

     Dear young people, this are the thoughts I wanted to share with you. This is an alternative way of looking at reality that you have the right to consider, and then accept or reject. Whichever path you take, I hope it will be well pondered and that the results of your choices will have a positive impact on you and those around you. This is the freedom and the dignity you have been given by God. Please exercise it.

     Before concluding, I would like to share with you a list of wonderful sites that you should consider exploring. They are manned by people who care and who have much to offer in the way of alternatives to evolutionary and atheistic thinking. Enlightening, thorough and energizing facts against Atheism. Great quantities of ammunitions against unbelief -- with delightful humour.

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry: "CARM offers a concise, comprehensive explanation of the Christian faith along with logical analysis of errors in popular beliefs. It is easy to use, written for the layman, and covers a huge range of topics." (Quoted from the site)

The Discovery Institute The Discovery Institute offers "higher-level" critiques of atheism and evolution.

Creationism: Powerful resources on Creationism.

God's Existence Sites: Web sites on God's existence.

Apologetic Press: Great quantity of well-reasoned responses to atheism and evolution.

May you have a future filled with meaning.