Spotlighting the Lies, the Agenda and the irrationality of Militant Atheism


Introduction: The history behind this site.

What is Militant Atheism? What are the forces that drive militant atheism?                      

Agenda: Major atheist organizations' long-term agenda.

Successes: The surprising accomplishments of some leading atheist organizations.

Secrets: Devastating facts some militant atheists don't want you to know.

Erroneous Facts or Simply Lies? Atheists and social advancements.

Inaccuracies: Great minds who have been erroneously labeled atheists.

Mistakes: Grave atheist mistakes you need to know.

Arrogance and Pride: Condescending and arrogant statements by militant atheists.

Immorality: The most influential atheists of the past century lived immoral lives.

Crimes and Evils : The greatest crimes of all times were committed by militant atheists.

Fear Mongering: Do Creationists really endanger the advancement of Science?

Ex- Atheists: Fanatical unbelievers who became strong believers in God.

Atheism, Abortion and Genocide:  Most militant atheists support abortion -- and genocide.

Are Most Modern American Scientists Atheists? A close look at Edward Larson's study.

NAS Scientists and God: Are all "superior" American scientists really atheists?

Atheism, Sex and Sexuality: Sexual freedom or sexual catastrophe?

Did Einstein Change his Mind About God's Existence? Einstein's letter to Gutkind: a close analysis.

The Religion of the Founding Fathers of the USA: Were they unbelievers?

Was Hitler an Atheist? Hitler was neither an atheist nor a Christian; but...

Modern American Atheists who Believe in God: American atheists who believe in God?

Henry Morgentaler: Hero or Enemy of Humanity? The irrational Canadian atheist/abortionist.

Are Atheists Mentally Ill? A close look at the defense mechanisms used by atheists.

Evil Atheists: The evil acts of atheist dictators and the ideas of other major unbelievers.

Alfred Kinsey: a Closer Look: The atheist pseudo-scientist who transformed  America--for the worse.

There Is a God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind (Antony Flew)


Are Secular Societies Really Better Off? Is Gregory S. Paul's study correct?

The Secular Sweden Disaster: Unbelieving Sweden is no longer heaven on earth.

Atheism and Divorce Rates: Do atheists really divorce less than believers?

Atheistic Humanism: the New Messiah? Is atheistic humanism the new savior?

Can Atheists be Moral? Is higher level morality possible without God?

Do Atheists Care for Gays More Than God? Does God hate homosexuals?


Richard Dawkins: Rebuttals and criticisms to Atheism's High Priest.

The God Delusion, Preface Analysis: The true aims and irrationality of Richard Dawkins.

Dawkins and Einstein, on the Bible and it's Value: Einstein's  views on biblical morality.

Is Richard Dawkins Satan Possessed? Is Dawkins possessed by the devil?

Dawkins and Nobel Prize Winners:  Are most Nobelists really unbelievers?

Extraterrestrials? Yes!  God? No way!  Dawkins' absurdity, in Ben Stein's "Expelled...."

A Crucial Message to Richard Dawkins: A brief appeal, before it's too late.

Dawkins and a "Gigantic Intelligence": Is Dawkins changing his mind?

Is Dawkins a Modern-day Hitler?: Glaring and worrisome similarities between the two. 

Dawkins Lack of Brilliance Exposed -- from His Own Words.

Chapter by Chapter Analysis of, The God Delusion:  An in-depth analysis.



The Dawkins Delusion?: Atheist Fundamentalism and the Denial of the Divine (Alister McGrath)


Christopher Hitchens: God is not Great: Rebuttals.

Samuel Harris: "Letter to a Christian Nation," Rebuttals.

Philip Pullman: He wants your kids' minds and makes no qualms about it. -- Rebuttals.


Bertrand Russell was not an atheist.

Darwin rejected Atheism.

Sartre rejected Atheism.

Sir Anthony Flew was arguably the foremost defender of atheism in modern times -- He is now a believer.

Einstein believed that the Bible possessed the answers to all human problems.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair's son, William, became a Christian evangelist.

The fathers/mothers of modern atheism were "not-so-moral" people.

The greatest social advancements were due to the work of believers, not atheists.

The greatest scientists of the past were fervent Christians.

Many modern Nobel Prize winning "scientists" believe in God.

The Scientific Method was conceived by brilliant minds who believed in God.

The greatest minds of the past believed in God.

Atheists were responsible for more deaths than any other group in history.

Jesus Christ is a proven historical figure and fulfilled the Messiah requirements.

The Bible has withstood the test of time.

There are ample explanations for alleged Bible discrepancies.

The facts supporting Jesus Christ's resurrection are unassailable.

  Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design (S.C.        mMeyer)  

American Atheists: A close look at the child of Madalyn O'Hair.

Freedom From Religion Foundation: A close look at a vehement anti-God association.


Bertrand Russell: Rebuttals to atheists' greatest icon.

David Hume: Rebuttals to Hume's views on the impossibility of miracles.


Are the following influential minds really unbelievers?

Bacon / Beethoven / Darwin / Dostoevsky / Franklin / Galileo / Hobbes / Leonardo / Sartre / Shakespeare / Spinoza 

The Greatest Minds Believed in God

Most of the greatest geniuses of the past in  Art, Music, Philosophy, Science and Literature Believed in God (and a great many Nobel-Prize winners).


Unlike what atheists propagate, the greatest minds of the past                      believed in God. Read the fully-referenced proofs in this book.

Junk DNA? Hardly: A "vestige" of evolution? Look at the facts.

Where is the Grotesque? If atheists were right, nature would overflow with grotesque creatures. Where are they?

Richard Dawkins Surprising Morality (?) Dawkins' shocking support of Peter Singer.

Are Atheists Really Charitable? Atheists' contributions to charitable causes are negligible.

Hawking and Nothingness: How an irrational pseudo-scientists tried to turn "nothingness" into "everything."

It All Just Happened? A brief look at the most irrational package ever conceived.

Is Atheism Satanism? Atheism is a form of Satanism, though it does not directly worship Satan.


The Greatest Minds and God: The greatest and most influential minds believed in God.


Nobel Prize Winners and God: Nobel Prize winners who believe in God.

Did Galileo Believe in God? Was Galileo an infidel? The facts prove otherwise.

Did Newton Believe in God? Isaac Newton was a fervent, Bible-loving Christian.

Did Leonardo Believe in God? Brilliant and scientific -- but not an atheist.



Darwin's Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design (S. C. Meyer)

God and Catastrophes: When great natural calamities strike, where is God?

Is Christianity Evil? Is the world's most numerous religion evil?

Was Jesus Christ Really Resurrected? This momentous event stands on solid ground.

Bible Contradictions? Resources that address alleged Bible contradictions.

About God and Jesus Christ: The author's "other" site on the Father and the Son.

Atheists and the Fear of Hell: The fear of hell has led some to embrace atheism.

The Web Site Confronted: Exposing the biblical ignorance of an overconfident, pseudo Bible scholar.

Who Really Killed Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ chose His gruesome sacrifice out of love for all--even atheists.

Classic Proofs of God's Existence: More than sufficient, yet fiercely denied by those who prefer unbelief.

Ten Proofs for God's Existence: The Decalogue: surprising evidence for God's existence.


explanations of some of God's seemingly perplexing actions found in the Bible.

Noah's Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah The Destruction of the Canaanites, Jephthah's Daughter, Death of David's Child, David's Punishment for the Census, Israel's Captivity, Ananiah and Sapphira, Paul's Suffering, Catastrophes of the Last Days,204,203,200_.jpg


 IS GOD CRUEL? -- An In-Depth Analysis of God's Apparent Acts of Cruelty   in the Bible (Michael Caputo)


God's Building Block: the Atom: The atom is a witness to God's power and brilliance.

God, Rainbows and Colors: God's handiwork is present in rainbows and colors.

God, Air and Water: This trait in air and water testify to God's undeniable brilliance.


Open Letter to Atheist/Agnostic-Jews: The author's heart-felt appeal to unbelieving children of Abraham

Open Letter to Hurt Christians Who Embraced Atheism: An appeal to Christians who have turned to unbelief because of hurt.

Open Letter to Young People: Atheists want your mind; How to fight back.


 Abortion   Adultery   Atheism   Bestiality   Euthanasia   Homosexuality   Incest   Pornography   True Christianity        


Atheists and Bad Pears: Militant atheists have much to learn from my pear tree.

10 Sure Ways to Help Atheism Grow: How to make sure atheism does not grow.



Atheism: Enlightening, thorough and energizing facts against Atheism, on Conservapedia. Great quantities of ammunitions against unbelief -- with much humor.
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry: A large body of work for the layman.
The Discovery Institute: "Higher-level" critiques of atheism and evolution.
Creationism: Powerful resources on Creationism.
God's Existence Sites: Web sites on God's existence.

Apologetic Press: Great quantity of well-reasoned responses to atheism and evolution.

Atheism is Dead Blog: Counteracts atheists'  attempts "to revive their failed belief system." An in-depth look at atheism.
Verum Serum: A collection of insightful articles from two very intelligent guys from O.C.
Atheistwatch:  Watching hate group atheism, sounding the alarm against their bullying.
Subversivethinking.blogspot: Insightful blogs about Christianity and opposing views.



Free Literature: Web sites that offer free religious literature.

The Rationalizing Atheist: More undeniable evidence of atheist ethical insufficiency.

Lies, and Wolf-pack Tactics Against Steve Myers: Militant Atheists unethical attacks of Steve Meyers on

Great Theistic Works: Great theistic works of the past.


"To the Highest God alone be glory.

                                                                                    (JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH)

Michael Caputo

© Copyright, Michael Caputo, 2007

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